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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  November 28, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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bananas. he said they had another incident up there. he still loves me. >> reporter: security was obvious today and would not let news vehicles park on their property. crime is clearly bad for the holiday shopping business. >> that is not nice to hear. i don't feel safe. >> reporter: police say after the suspect gets the cash he drives to a random location, abandoned the victim and their car and runs off. at least two of the places appear to be near metro stops. and westfield wheaten is steps from a metro stop, too, so that could be how the suspect is coming here to commit his alleged crimes. police believe he is between 35 and 45 years old. in wheaten, andrea mckaren. >> we can add that montgomery county police believe the
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suspect is about six feet tall and weighs about 180 pounds. the so-called east coast rapist will return to virginia to stand trial. a connecticut judge agreed to extradite aaron thomas back this afternoon. thomas is charge would raping a woman in 2007. authorities say dna links him to rapes and other attacks on 17 women from virginia all the way to connecticut. prosecutors in the commonwealth ask that thomas stand trial here first and connecticut said ookay. tapis has pleaded not guilty to that rape in 2007. he may think he is christ and the president is the antichrist but a court appointed psychologist thinks the accused white house shooter is confident to stand trial. doctor tea garden concluded that he understands what is going on in the courtroom and can help. prosecutors today asked the federal magistrate to order a
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much more thorough psychiatric workup of the man. tomorrow the man accused in the disaappearance of the woman in aruba could be coming back home. he has spent the past four months in custody while investigators are looking into the mysterious disappearance of his traveling companion, robin gardner. >> gary is expected to return home from aruba tomorrow after prosecutors failed to charge him in the disappearance of robin gardner. he will not find his home exactly as he left it thanks to an fbi search in august. among the messages this one posted to a facebook site dedicated to the search earlier today. he will not have a moment of piece. watch your back.
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meanwhile a source close to previous investigations have said prosecutors may consider renewing a local criminal case against him. according to this montgomery county search warrant in 2010 he was suspected of but never charged for allegedly choking and beating a woman in his home as well as being accused of stalking and secretly videotaping women. jury selection is underway in the trial of paul, the aid of former maryland governor who is accused of using robeo calls in an effort to keep voting turnout low in the gubernatorial race. the judge says his wife answered a call but says that will not hurt his impartiality. fakes up to 21 years in prison if convicted. more trouble tonight for republican presidential candidate herman cain. a georgia business woman says she and cain had a 13 year
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extramarital affair. that woman's name is ginger white. she first talked about the affair today. she told the station she was aware that cain was married and called the affair a "very inappropriate situation." cain gave a preemptive denial. >> someone who was supposed to be a friend. >> when you say friend. these are awkward questions. was this an affair? >> no. it was not. >> there was no sex? >> no. >> none? >> no. >> maybe not but this is the latest in a string of accusations against the gop candidate. earlier this month four women have accused him of sexual harassment. cain has denied any wrong doing in all of the cases. cain continues to struggle in the polls ever since the accusations started. the latest republican presidential poll this one from
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majority opinion research has cain in third place picked by 14% of republican voters. he trailed newt gingrich who took the top spot with 32% and former massachusetts governor mitt romney. millions of voters in egypt took part in that country's first election since the president stepped down. egyptians are hoping these elections will holdthal country towards true democracies. when mubarak was in power there were elections but the elections were rigged. the rest will go to the polls over the next eight weeks. we'll see the final results sometime in mid january. the weather has been about as good as you can get these past few days but all good things must come to an end. >> i feel guilty but it is so warm. i have never done it this early. i'm putting lights up. temperatures in the 60s. look at the temperatures.
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it is unbelievable. looking at 64 downtown. high was 71. we are looking at 63. finingally in the 50s in fredrick. 61 in hagueers town. tonight mostly cloudy, breezy and mild. showers after midnight. you want to take a walk lows around 55 and winds southeast at 10 to 15. we'll talk about when we will need the umbrella and when we are going to need the top coat. see you in a bit. still to come remember friday we had people lining up for bargains. today they are online clicking to focus on cyber monday. we have the latest sales figures. an eight year old ripped from his family because he is too fat. why state officials say his mom was dangerous to his health. we'll have that story up next. ñó
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an eight year old boy in ohio is now in foster care
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because county oofficials say his mom was not doing enough to take care of his weight. this kid weighs 200 pounds in the third grade. the county views the mother as negligent because she cannot control his weight. the mom claims it is not so easy. state officials say it is the first case where a child was put in foster care because of weight alone. a judge will have the final say on this one sometime next month. is it right for the boy to be taken away from his family and friends because he is too fat? the kid is an honor student. for all we know he was happy with his life or is that the same as child abuse? you might want to weigh in with your thoughts. the address is mail bag at the kansas teenager who insulted the governor on twitter got an apology. last week emma sullivan was on
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a school field trip. at that event sullivan tweeted that she just made mean comments at governor and told him he sucked. one of the governor staff members saw the tweet and called the school and the principal demanded that the girl write a letter to apologize. he said in a statement my staff overreacted. freedom of speech is among our most treasured freedoms. sullivan is off the hook on the letter for the apology. the school system said she does not have to write it. i hope you enjoyed that picture perfect weather because you knew it wasn't going to last. when the weather takes a turn for the worst in the forecast. schools trying to help out food pantries have their donations denied. what one congressman is doing to try to change that. it's up next.
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you would think that school programs to help a local food pantry would receive praise from county officials. instead they shut them down this year siting food safety guidelines. now as peggy fox reports the pantry is hoping an act of congress could help. >> what used to be was cartons of milk. >> reporter: this food pantry
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refrigerator has been empty since june, the last time students sent over their unopened containers of milk and yogurt. now the food pantry can only give the 300 families those dairy items when someone drops them off. >> ewoo have women, small children, pregnant women and homeless people and they use that as another source of protein. >> reporter: last year church ilroad elementary school sent over dozens of milk and yogurt to share. this year the program was halted by the county over concerns overimes that need to be refrigerated. principal was not pleased. >> i get frustrated when we can't do things to help other people. i realize that there are outside forces trying to act in the best interest of our community bullet i think that anything that we can do to provide support and help and allow our children to be positively involved is
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wonderful. >> reporter: now the school donation program could start up again soon thanks to congressman frank wolf. he added language to a bill that is now law which protects donors who give in good faith from liability. >> we are all paying for a lot of this but secondly because we have people in need in our community that could really use that food. >> reporter: pantry director says they and the school can easily follow refrigeration guidelines. peggy fox, 9news now. >> since congress voted on the measure it might allow schools to by-pass local regulations. with four and a half hours of shopping to go stores are raking in big on cyber monday. online sales on cyber are up 20% overall from a year ago.
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department store sales are 39% higher. retail industry experts say the bargains are still to be had with nearly half of online retailers running discounts today. >> there has to be a new deal all the time to keep customers coming back. cyber monday is just another vehicle for that. >> apparently we're going with it. the increased online sales coupled with the $226 million sent stocks soring. all finished the day up more than two and a half percent. the two malls planning on tracking shoppers by using cell phones has nixed that idea after one senator questionsu the actions. they were going to use the cell signals to keep track of customers from black friday through new year's day. the mall's parent company wanted to use the data to figure out shopping trends. the only way to opt out was by
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turning off cells. senator said personal cell phones are personal and the malls ought to ask before they tap in. the owners are looking into an opt out action that doesn't require you to turn your phone off. >> interesting. >> it is interesting. >> big brother. let's talk about the weather. gorgeous over the weekend. >> 71 today. record high was 74. 70 two days in a row, sunday and today. it can't last forever. even when the correction comes it is not going to be crazy cold. let's start with temperatures. still looking at temps in the 60s. a few 50 said if you go far enough north. 65 in arlington. rockfield in the low 60s. head up 270 we are looking at 66 in sterling. 66 in leesburg. satellite picture and radar combined there is our next storm. pretty good showers, rain and thunderstorms through kentucky
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and tennessee. this will wrap around colder air but we are going to go from warm to seasonable. all the showers are well to the west of us. a couple of showers might get into garret county or tucker county. we are going to see nothing in the form of showers until after midnight and nothing really organized until late morning or early afternoon. locate your umbrella. breezy and mild tonight. a wet afternoon commute. still mild on tuesday. here is a look at the future cast. midnight tonight we are okay. clouds but no showers. 7:00 a lot of showers. martinsburg, leesburg. coming in from the west heading east you are going to probably have a wet commute. around lunch time we see most of the activity beginning to push through. right around the noon hour that is the heaviest activity in the metro area. gets out of here pretty quickly. colder air wraps in.
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by this time tomorrow goes to snow out for our friends in garret county west of the divide. for tonight for us just say mostly cloudy, breezy and mild. showers after midnight. lows around 55. tomorrow morning primarily showers in the morning. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. winds southeast at 10 to 15. by afternoon better chance for more organized rain and showers especially early afternoon. high temperatures still typh65. winds southeast at 10 to 15. next seven days. we're going to call wednesday kohler but really 52 is average. partly cloudy skies and another nice stretch of weather. we are not talking about 60s or 70s. temperatures in the mid 50wise sunshine on thursday, friday and saturday and even pretty nice on sunday. redskins in town. temperatures near 60. next chance of rain will be next monday. >> this is not so bad.
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let's get to our weird news. we know and science will tell you that smoking is very addictive. when you got to have a cig sometimes you have to have one. didn't think it was this bad. thieves wanted to smoke so badly they broke into a prison climbing a fence to get their hands on 8,000 british pounds of cigarettes stored in a work shop there. one theory is it is an inside job since dozens of inmates have access to that work shop. whoever is responsible officials say the incident has caused much. as some said how can you expect to keep the prisoners in if you can't keep the burglars out? that is a good question. >> good question. >> we want to hear what you think. send your e-mails to mail 9news now will be right back. çñ
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in the mail bag tonight loads of passionate reaction on the facebook page to the washington capitals decision to fire coach bruce. the man had a tremendous one loss record but the team
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struggled in the playoffs. this year the wheels were falling off. it is about time he is out because he has never shown changes in the playoffs. he has only one style of attack which other teams have recognized as his game plan. he makes no changes. hopefully dale hunter will bring his enforcing style of play and boldness into the team. maybe he will do that but seems to think this was a panic move and could back fire. we get rid of a great coach who knows how to win games and get us into the playoffs. you fire him. way to go caps. great move. what is next? ov? maybe you all should look at your goaltender and stay with your youngsters. i'm no hockey expert but those who know more than me say hockey is wing of the few sports where mid season coaching changes can work magic. perhaps a move had to be made. if the season continues to fall
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apart feel free to write in with a big fat "i told you so." feel free to write in anytime. the address is mail bag at w u s that is our report. tonight life line a maryland woman's request for a cancer drug that is in short supply as her time may be running out. don't forget to log in any time. have a great evening. bye bye. [ speaking french ]
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now, "entertainment tonight," the most watched entertainment news magazine in the world. >> miley's marijuana birthday joke caught on camera. >> did she admit to being a pot smoker? could her so called confession damage her career? then kim kardashian in tears over her marriage falling apart. >> he fell in love with me and i fell in love with him. and now my feelings have changed. i feel bad. you don't think i feel bad. anne hathaway gets engaged. but who is her handsome fiance?
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>> then, angelina jolie on the feud with her father john voit. >> the plus, her lost "e.t." interviews. >> most rumors about me are true. "e.t.'s" natalie wood investigation. new clues tonight. >> if we could hear her, and we were 90 feet away, why didn't they hear her? >> from the dinner party, to the boat, to the freezing water. natalie's last night alive, minute by minute. >> that's where i found natalie, right there. >> all new oprah's favorite things. what's on her christmas list this year? >> this is one of her favorite things. we're on the set as tyler perry leaves "madea" behind for an action packed new role. >> i feel like i'm on vacation. now in depth on the biggest entertainment stories from around the world. >> hi, everybody. welcome to "entertainment tonight." i'm nancy o'dell. >> and from the "entertainment tonight" control room, i'm mark steines.


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